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What do we offer?

Mini Movers are dancing and singing based movement to music classes for toddlers with their parent or carer. Our lively sessions are based around physical activity and songs themed around well known nursery rhymes. Classes are tailored for pre-school children from birth to five. 

The earlier we can introduce children to the dancing bug, the more co-ordinated and flexible they are likely to be. We also believe they will be more likely to continue to  participate in fitness activities in later years and lead a more healthy life style.

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  • Improves balance, co-ordination, movement/mobility  and rhythm 

  • Develops speech, imagination, memory and social skills

  • Encourages interaction with other children

  • Builds confidence through repetition

  • Allows children to display personal creativity

  • Assist in combating childhood obesity

  • Provides positive associations with exercise from an early age

  • Ensure children have fun with their parent or carer building bonds

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  • Helps to combat social exclusion

  • Meet others adults in a similar situation

  • Overcome inhibitions and encourages interaction with child

  • Promotes parent/child “together time”

  • Making fitness fun 

  • Regular exercise can:- improve heart & respiratory function, lower blood pressure, increase strength, flexibility and bone density, quicker re-action time, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, reduce susceptibility to depression and disease.

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